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The Sydney Composites Universal Splitter Curved End Plates are CFD tested and designed to increase splitter downforce. Additionally, the Universal Curved End Plates send vortices alongside the tyre to manage wheel wake which effectively increases total car downforce. 


They bolt onto existing Universal Splitters which is a very cost effective upgrade that aids in overall car performance. Curved end plates are supplied oversized and require trimming to suit your specific splitter size


Dimensions & Specifications:

  • Designed by Dynamic Aero Solutions.
  • Approximately 775mm x 200mm x 3mm
  • Approximately 700g each
  • Suits Sydney Composites Universal Splitters
  • Mould finish (gloss)
  • Sold as a pair


CFD testing on an Open class car model resulted in:

  • A splitter downforce increase by approximately 9.5%


Installation available, click here


For offroad use only.

Universal Splitter Curved End Plates

GST Included
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