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About Us

About Us

Sydney Composites was founded in 2016 specialising in designing and manufacturing carbon fibre composite components. Our team integrates a wealth of knowledge and expertise with many years of experience through years of industry exposure. While we mainly specialise in high-end Aerodynamic components for race cars, we have worked on a large variety of projects in many different industries from renewable energy, marine craft, race cars, rocketry and construction. We work closely with our engineers to ensure that products are manufactured as light and strong as possible while maintaining the beauty of the carbon fibre appearance.

Sydney Composites often collaborates with other organisations and works closely with Universities such as The Australian National University, Sydney University and Western Sydney University developing projects such as Formula SAE, Solar Race Cars and Supersonic Rockets.

Composite technology and manufacturing methods are constantly evolving and we are always updating our techniques and products to achieve the best possible result. We use multiple resin and reinforcement systems, each different according to the job and criteria. To achieve the best results, boundaries need to be pushed and that's where Sydney Composites stands out.

Our team is very passionate about our work and always ensure high quality products are produced. 


At Sydney Composites, our specialty lies within Composite manufacturing. Our in-house selection of ovens for curing allows us to offer multiple processes such as infusion and pre preg, with a huge range of material selections. Materials such as Carbon Fibre, Glass, Basalt, Aramid, Polypropylene and Coated Fibres as well as a wide range of cores from foam to honeycomb structures are available.

Sydney Composites manufacturing outcomes ensure the aesthetic finish of any composite product is equally as good as the engineered structural product.

Our largest ovens capacity is 6m x 5m x 2.5m, enabling large pre preg structures to be cured. 

Solar skin

Prototyping and CAD Design

We pride ourselves with our ability to reverse engineer, re-design and to bring to life concepts and designs. Our team offers assistance with all aspects and stages of your project including 3D modelling, simulation analysis, 3D scanning, tooling design and rapid prototyping.


CNC Machining

We offer in-house CNC machining with bed capabilities of 2400mm x 1000mm and Z height of 200mm.

Our expertise combined with the versatility of our CNC has enabled us to produce results as large as 5m long patterns and moulds (machined from foam in multiple pieces) down to Carbon Fibre plate as small as a 10-cent coin. MDF and Tooling board are often used for rapid prototyping and machining plugs for production moulds. 

CNC Machining


Sydney Composites supports many racing teams by helping them get back on track as soon as possible where composite damage has occurred. We also have experience with luxury and high-performance vehicle composite repairs. Components from body work panels through to Aero aids like splitters and wings in Carbon Fibre and Fibreglass, structural or cosmetic.

Fiberglass repairs
Fiberglass repairs

Painting and Refinishing

2K spray painting and refinishing of all composite items and vehicles, including sun damaged carbon clear coat.

Composite painting


Sydney Composites offers fabrication services relating to composite components such as those seen in (but not limited to) the automotive racing industry.

Structural mounting of Aerodynamic components plays a significant part in the performance of any race car. With our skilled fabrication team, we ensure all Aero components are installed on the car and mounted to chassis for structural rigidity with precise measurements. Our fabricators follow engineered specifications to ensure our mounting solutions and the components being installed are set at their optimal operating level.

Composite fabrication

Carbon Sales

Retailing various stocked carbon fibre materials such as premade panels, pre preg pressed plate, roll wrapped tube and carbon angles.

Assorted carbon supplies

Time Attack / Race Aero Components

Sydney Composites are World known for producing some of the highest of quality Aerodynamic components on the market. Through in-depth design and CFD undertaken by Ex-F1 Aerodynamicists, we have been able to bring to life many complex and creative designs.

Over the years we have built various custom Aero components to ensure all limitations of Time Attack and other race categories are being explored. Our ongoing relationship with industry partners enables us to work closely together, ensuring scheduling and build times work seamlessly as the build progresses. 

World Time Attack Challenge has been our primary event each year, with multiple podium placed clients utilising Sydney Composites’ splitters, wings, diffusers, floors, canards and many other Aero components manufactured, supplied and installed by us. We have proven to be a part of the winning recipe for many years.

Time attack aero

Sydney Composites Universal Products

Our inhouse design team works closely with Ex-F1 Aerodynamicists to bring to life advanced aerodynamic parts. Leading the new trend for innovative and Universal style products, race cars can be built faster and more cost effective utilising our latest designs. 

·         Splitters

·         Flat Floors

·         Diffusers

·         3D End Plates

·         Wings

·         Bonnet Vents

·         Gurney Flaps

·         Bolt-in Tunnels

·         Canards

·         Dashes

Carbon dash

Custom Projects

Sydney Composites have the capabilities and experience to design and manufacture custom one-of-a-kind products whether it be for prototyping, single use or finished part. 

We offer services covering all stages of custom composite projects in any industry or field. Some examples include:

·         CAD design

·         CNC machining

·         Manufacturing plugs, moulds and components.

·         Production parts

Carbon Rocket


Trusted industry partners that Sydney Composites continually works with and recommends for any of your needs:

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WARSPEED industries
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Insight Motorsports
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Evolution Racing Spares
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