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The Sydney Composites Universal Splitter range has been designed to generate front end grip especially in high-speed corners while balancing out the extra downforce generated by a rear wing.


The Universal Splitter generates front downforce, thus allowing for more grip and greatly reducing understeer. Not only does this allow corner speeds increase, but braking forces applied to the car can be higher due the downforce load seen on the front tyres. With the addition of all these benefits mentioned, significant lap time improvements can be made.


Developed by Dynamic Aero Solutions in collaboration with Sydney Composites, the Universal Splitter range is the perfect splitter choice for use in either World Time Attack Challenge or NSW Sports Sedans. The range has undergone extensive CFD development using the exact same methods used as the race winning RP968 aerodynamic package. Sydney Composites Universal Splitters have (and continue to) be on numerous winning and podium cars at World Time Attack Challenge over many years, proving its superior performance as a product.


Features & Specifications:

  • Integrated tunnels
  • CNC machined lightweight foam core
  • Vortex generators to reduce drag
  • Dual moulded surfaces for aesthetics and aerodynamics
  • Max dimensions 2280mm x 795mm - Popular choice for Pro Class
  • CFRP Twill weave
  • Mould finished (gloss)
  • Endplates and stainless hardware included.


Being universal, this splitter is trimmed and can be fitted to almost any car chassis.


The leading edge can be custom made to suit any bumper bar/ front end configuration in any class regulation, although all orders will be made to meet OEM dimensions to suit the class option you select. Please contact us to discuss non OEM bumper bars and front ends. An oversized splitter with untreated front edge option is available, Please call or email to discuss options.


Available in:

  • Club Sprint
  • Open Class
  • Pro Class
  • Sports Sedan


Approximate downforce figures at 180Kmph:

(loads may differ dependant on car and final trimmed size)

  • Clubsprint & Sports Sedans: 215KG (70mm dynamic ride height)
  • Open Class: 385KG (50mm dynamic ride height)
  • Pro Class & Max size: 440 KG (50mm dynamic ride height)


Approximate downforce figures at 250Kmph:

(loads may differ dependant on car and final trimmed size)

  • Clubsprint & Sports Sedans: 415KG (50mm dynamic ride height) 
  • Clubsprint & Sports Sedans: 350KG (70mm dynamic ride height)  
  • Open Class: 745KG (50mm dynamic ride height)
  • Pro Class & Max size:  850KG (50mm dynamic ride height)


The addition of curved end plates and tunnel strakes will increase these loads.


Optional Upgrades:

  • Curved Endplates – Increase splitter downforce and increase whole car downforce.
  • Titanium Skid Plates – Almost half the weight of our standard stainless skid plates, and they produce an attractive white spark when contacting the track.
  • Tunnel Strakes – Increase splitter downforce and increase whole car downforce.
  • Air Dam – A carbon strip to seal the gap created between the splitter top side and the lower section of the front bumper (only available in conjunction with installation at Sydney Composites)


Please note, Universal Splitters are made to order and carry a lead time:

  • Club Sprint/Sports Sedan: 2-4 weeks.
  • Open Class/Pro Class: 4-6 weeks.


Please note, the Universal Splitter range is a gloss mould finish, meaning there is no clear coat present. If left out in the sun, over time the resin will deteriorate. Automotive UV stable gloss clear coat can be applied for an additional cost, please contact us to discuss before placing an order.


Mounting hardware sold separately, click here

Installation available, click here


Pair with: Sydney Composites Universal Diffuser and Rear Wing (Coming Soon) for an even greater increase in downforce.


For offroad use only.

Universal Splitter

PriceFrom $6,710.00
GST Included
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