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The Sydney Composites Universal Diffuser range has been CFD tested and designed to generate rear downforce while improving underfloor air extraction. 


Developed by Dynamic Aero Solutions in collaboration with Sydney Composites, the Universal Diffuser range is the perfect diffuser choice for use in either World Time Attack Challenge or NSW Sports Sedans. The range has undergone extensive CFD development to optimise performance. Sydney Composites Universal Diffusers have (and continue to) be on numerous winning and podium cars at World Time Attack Challenge over many years, proving its superior performance as a product.


Features & Specifications:

  • Designed by Dynamic Aero Solutions.
  • Standard: Approximately 950mm x 1520mm x 250mm (trim to suit application)
  • Large: Approximately 1170mm x 1520mm x 250mm (trim to suit application)
  • Standard rebate size (if optioned): 40mm x 2mm
  • Approximately 4.2kg - 5.1kg (respective of option)
  • 8x built in M6 studs for mounting.
  • 4x Precision cut mounting plates included
  • Mould finish (gloss)


CFD Data using a Standard Diffuser on a Clubsprint car resulted in:

  • Approximately an 80kg downforce increase @ 180kmph
  • Approximately a 150kg downforce increase @ 250kmph


The downforce produced by the large diffuser is greatly determined by floor layout, loads are expected to be higher than standard as a reference.


Being universal, this diffuser is trimmed and can be fitted to almost any car chassis.


Available in standard and large sizes, with optional rebate for the larger sizes to allow for mounting to a flat floor setup.


Please note, to be used in NSW Sports Sedans, diffusers will need to be modified to the correct width. This is a service we offer: click here


Please note, the Universal Diffuser range is a gloss mould finish, meaning there is no clear coat present. If left out in the sun, over time the resin will deteriorate. Automotive UV stable gloss clear coat can be applied for an additional cost, please contact us to discuss before placing an order.


Additional mounting hardware sold separately, click here 

Installation available, click here


Pair with: Sydney Composites Universal Splitter and Rear Wing (Coming Soon) for an even greater increase in downforce.


For offroad use only.

Universal Rear Diffuser

PriceFrom $3,630.00
GST Included
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