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The Sydney Composites Universal Bolt-in Tunnels have been designed to increase the downforce from an existing surface such as front splitters, flat floors and so on, making them an affordable upgrade to existing aero. Being universal, they can be fixed to almost any flat surface using fasteners, rivets or bonding on the integrated mounting flange. We recommend recessing the tunnel flange into the existing panel to minimise surface changes and help keep the air attached.


The Bolt-in Tunnels use very similar geometry from our Universal Splitter range, which have been extensively CFD tested and designed for optimum performance. When installed, tunnels generate a low-pressure transition zone which improves the downforce capacity of almost any surface.


Dimensions & Specifications:

  • Designed by Dynamic Aero Solutions
  • 20mm Mounting flange around the perimeter
  • Approximately 435mm x 385mm x 102mm
  • Approximately 500g each
  • Mould finish (gloss)
  • Cutting template included
  • Sold as a pair


For offroad use only.

Large Bolt-in Tunnels

GST Included
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