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CNC Machining

  • Machining of various composite and non-composite designs including moulds and plugs.


CAD Design and Prototyping

  • Composite manufacturing offered in a variety of processes such as pre-preg, infusion and wet laminating with materials such as carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass.

  • Assistance with all aspects and stages of your project including 3D modelling, simulation analysis, 3D scanning, tooling design and more.

Custom Projects

Carbon Sales

  • All stages of composite component design and manufacturing in any industry or field.

  • Retailing various stocked carbon fibre materials such as premade panels.


  • Composite and aero component mounting solutions.

Painting and Refinishing

  • 2K spray painting and refinishing of all composite items and vehicles, including sun damaged carbon clear coat.


  • Structural and cosmetic repairs of all composite products.

Time Attack / Race Aero Components

  • Manufacturing, installing and setting up automotive aero components and flat floors.

Sydney Composites universal product range

  • Splitters

  • Diffusers

  • Wings

  • Bonnet vents

  • End plates

  • Gurney flaps

  • Bolt-in tunnels

  • End plates

  • Flat floor and tunnel strakes

  • Canards

…and more coming soon!


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